Social Awareness Through Education Programme


ECWZ has been engaging itself for protecting the welfare and interest of the children in terms of education and awareness of remote mountain villages of Rasuwa District, Northern Nepal. ECWZ Nepal started educational project in the name of “Social Awareness Through Education Programme” in 2006. It’s been ongoing yearly since last eight Academic Sessions. 1,200 children in total have been benefitted from this project. Our basic idea was significant reduction in the financial burden for educational expenditures of the households of our target group whose children of school age were majorly facing financial problems. There were and are hundreds of issues and problems to be tackled. Addressing them with single effort in short time is not possible. Since there is a network of problems/issues having multiplier effect with each other, we need to hit on the root cause of those issues.



We found education to be the key to hit those issues and could address those issues/problems gradually. Education and awareness are two major human needs to enjoy livelihood opportunities. More than 20 Tamang and mix villages have been covered by this project. Our project has been a milestone with it’s achievement reducing dropout rate to 15% in 2013 from more than 60% in 2006, participation at school/admission rate at middle level has been increased to 80% in 2013 from 40% in 2006.

Blind Faith- a Docu-Drama by our children