Our Team

Kishan Devkota (Founder / Co-ordinator)

I was born in a rural family of Rasuwa, northern Nepal. I have completed Masters in Business Studies (MBS) . I am a Banker plus lecturer by profession. I work for a Commercial Bank in Nepal.  I spent a couple of years in a hostel with orphans and street children. This first hand experience gave me the insight and understanding to pursue establishing this NGO as I believe I can make a difference.Despite initial laughter and skepticism at my ideas both Nepali’s and foreigners are now receptive and support me from a wide range of angles and therefore I am enjoying the greatest virtue of the human world through my work. I know that the norm at my age is to pursue money and career but only such things cannot give us satisfaction and happiness in life. I am happy, satisfied and can feel pride in who I am and what I am doing. Everyone has something to give no matter how small or important they feel it is. We should all feel the joy of giving.


Nara Clohessy (Director)

It was in my early thirties, and in Nepal that I was able to consolidate what had been until then an eclectic existence. The people of Nepal touched me on such a soulful level, and the land has a pull that is connected to my very core. I can not give as much as I gained from Nepal, but I continue to try. Now, back in Australia I work as a small animal vet nurse, with my thoughts often flashing to images of the countless emaciated street dogs and fearful feral cats. I have two delightful half Nepalese boys who are starting school, and together we dream of the time we can return to where all three of our lives began visiting those children we have been able to assist from a far, all these years.




Kalpana Dhakal (Programme Co-ordinator)

I was born and grown up into a poor family of Nuwakot district. As my passion was to work in social field, I joined sociology as my university degree. I have done Masters in Health Education. I am applying my knowledge and experience regarding community and reproductive health in social sector through this organization. Furthermore, I wish to work for Gender and Social Inclusion, Women and Child Rights and to fight contemporary social issues.








Sasha Stanbridge (Executive Member)

At 31, I undertook what I thought was going to be just a trekking holiday to Nepal. 

It was change my path in life in so many ways. I spent 10 good years in London working in and out of theatre and media make-up. Thoughts of volunteering abroad had never been far from my mind but the opportunity had never arisen. Having never been exposed to a third World country I wasn't prepared for the hardships the Nepali people lived through day to day. 

A chance meeting with Kishan, Karl and Katie in 2005 whilst volunteering at a children's home in Kathmandu brought to light the ever growing problems children faced with their education and the risk of ending up on the streets. I am looking forward to watching and assisting in the growth of ECWZ and especially excited for the children who will benefit in the years to come.






Dharma Lamichhane (Child Club Co-ordinator/Secretary)

I was born in 1986 in a poor family of rural Rasuwa as first son of my family. Being from Education faculty in my university, I have deep interest in teaching and working with children. I am teacher by profession. I have been involved in various activities of children and have guided them. I am currently doing bachelors in Popultion and Education. I have been involved in various activities of ECWZ since its establishment.








Balaram Ghimire (Awareness Programme Co-ordinator)

I was born in 1984 in southern Rasuwa. I am journalist by profession and have been involved in more than 100 street drama and other awareness projects from Nepal Red Cross, Nepal Agroforestry (NAF), Ministry of Children, Women and Social welfare, etc. I am currently working with Pratidhwani FM 97 MHZ, Ujyaalo 90 FM, Rajdhani National Daily and in Samikaran Weekly.








Hari Devkota (Sponsorship Co-ordinator)

I was born in 1982 in Rasuwa. I did two years study of science from Kathmandu and now doing Post Graduation in Mathematics. I have been involving in several programmes run by ECWZ and other reputed organizations in Rasuwa. I am a teacher of Science and Mathematics, hence support children by providing extra tuition classes as per their requirement.

Blind Faith- a Docu-Drama by our children