How can you help


Donate now


You can make a donation by directly depositing into ECWZ bank a/c in Kathmandu. Your small support can help us making difference in the life of poor and needy rural children of Nepal. You either can sponsor mini projects individually or can contribute for a broad project.


Be a Volunteer

Are you a teacher? Filmmaker? Health worker? Researcher? Or do you have any professional knowledge and are you enthusiastic? If yes, come to us. Those who wish to contribute their time and expertise in Nepal working with rural children and community are welcome to do volunteering with us.  If you would like to assist, please contact us. You also can gain village life experience and local culture of remote mountain villages.









Sponsor a Child

We have sponsored 100+ children from different rural villages but still there are so many children left deserving immediate support including orphans, victim of natural disaster, Victim of armed conflict, disadvantaged and extremely poor. Your kind support will change the destiny of those misfortunate children. You can truly make a difference sponsoring a child.



Give a Gift

Do you have anything to distribute among kids of Nepal? Do you have colors? Pencils? Dolls? Clothing? Maps? Or anything, which could be useful for kids? Please do send to us, which will be most useful for poor kids in village who do not have many resources.





Sponsor Mini Projects

Do you wish to take a challenge sponsoring / organizing a mini project? Do you want to organize Quiz contest? Debate? Drawing and Artwork? Poetry? Picnic? Road Dramas? Documentaries? It would be a most promising action. Work with children and have fun.



Provide Technical Support

Do you have any technical knowledge? Are you a filmmaker? An IT professional? Any what? Your technical support will be most valuable for since we can make our projects effective and can promote our charity. For example, if you are a filmmaker, Documentaries and Docu dramas are best tools for awareness programs.



Earthquake Response Programme 2015

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Blind Faith- a Docu-Drama by our children