Earthquake Response Programme 2015



The recent earthquakes in Nepal have been followed by an excess of 400 aftershocks, claiming the lives of more than 8,000 people thus far. The entire country has been affected somehow, but in particular 12 districts are devastated. Our Rasuwa district is one of them with a 40,000+ population. Around 525 deaths have been reported with 200+ missing including an unknown number of foreigners. Around 98% of the 10,845 houses are destructed.

ECWZ is a small charity working specially in the field of child education and awareness of significant social issues in Rasuwa district since 2005. We have provided scholarships to more than 1,200 children so far. In 2006 we organized a disaster relief programme for local victims of landslides, which claimed the lives of 10 local people including 6 children.


Needs Assessment

Giving what the people ACTUALLY need

ECWZ is a local Nepalese organisation and has direct communication with families and those local people directly effected by the disaster. Through community consultation, it has been determined that short term tents will not be as useful as mid term housing and shelter that can also protect valuable crops from the impeding monsoon. Our team of local, Nepalese volunteers have been interviewing and talking to affected community members to ensure that aid and disaster response actually reflects the community need on the ground. They have reported that families are able to construct their own shelters and are interested in establishing semi permanent housing immediately.


Post Disaster Response

Life changing support for only $AU 70 per family

Initially we will supply construction materials for 2 villages (approx. 200 families -over 1000 people). Each family requires one bundle of roofing material, which costs around $AU 65 per bundle. For those families who have no salvageable food and are vulnerable to food security risks, a 25kg bag of rice costing around $AU 18 will be distributed. Additional costs in transporting these materials from local suppliers are minimal and are aimed to cost $5 per bundle on average. Therefore, for just $AU 70 per family, ECWZ can provide life changing resources that will help an entire family survive post disaster.

With ongoing funds, we can roll out into surrounding rural villages where there are an estimated further 800 families requiring food and shelter. With the monsoon about to start, and the Rasuwa district prone to landslides, the villagers have expressed concerns about the lack of safety  living in tents. Additionally, the remaining crops that can be salvaged would be ruined during monsoon season if villagers lived and stored their remaining possessions (including crop yields) in cheaper tents. Therefore, the construction materials will enable the villagers to build a more permanent structure with minimum technical knowledge. The photo above has been build post-earthquake in two days using purchased roofing, and materials salvaged from surrounded flattened buildings. This type of shelter will keep families secure for up to five years. After this mid term phase, we can expect the Nepalese government and international aid agencies to assist these victims in setting up permanent homes.





Long Term Support

Ongoing education and community development support to village beneficiaries



Following on from this urgent need for shelter construction, ECWZ will then concentrate on returning some sort of normality to the local community by supporting children and their families in the field of education. Resuming educational and other support activities is vital for the children and community to focus on, and can aid in the reduction of ongoing trauma experienced from this disaster. The scope of this phase is yet to be determined due to continuous tremors and initial devastation; however ECWZ is committed to supporting the village beneficiaries we have empowered through our programs over the last decade.




Pictures from Rasuwa

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