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The Everest Children Welfare Zone is a non-Government, non-profit organization (NGO) established with the objectives of protecting the welfare of Nepalese children in high hills and in mountains. We concentrate on addressing the issues of the children who are vulnerable, Disadvantaged, Dalits, victim of Natural Disaster and Armed Conflict and are in worst situation.



Established: 2004 

Officially Registered: - 7th September 2005 
District Administration Office Registration Number: 141 / 062 / 063 
Social Welfare Council Registration (Affiliation Number) Number: 18756 
NGO Federation Registration (Affiliation Number) Number:


Who We Are

We are established to bring positive changes in the life of remote children of Nepal through positive trends. We work "with them, for them and beside them" to establish an education based trend. We advocate for the rights of children and make them aware of it. We focus on child education and awareness activities in rural communities of Nepal.


How We Work

We adopt the emerging concept "Child Centered Community Development". We aim to make the children of remote society the leaders of the future. We advocate the participation of children in every sector in community, as we believe they are the source of amazing ideas and spirit. Children should be first priority sector in the country. Basically we work through and with children as Children initiatives are the key factor of sustainable development of the nation.


Our Mission

Through the diverse means of education we aim to be the guide, friend, teacher and source of inspiration for the rural children and people of Nepal, so they can start a positive trend to implement the necessary changes in their lives in order to improve their living standard and achieve economic stability.


The concept of forming ECWZ started in 2002 from the joint effort of some foreign and Nepalese individuals. It was registered in Nepal in 2005 to gain legal existence.


Our Team

I was born into an uneducated rural family as one of 11 children but only 5 of us survived to adulthood. I have completed Masters in Business Studies (MBS) and Masters in Sociology. I am a Banker by profession and work for a Commercial Bank in Nepal. I spent a couple of years in a hostel with orphans and street children. This first hand experience gave me the insight and understanding to pursue establishing this NGO as I believe I can make a difference. Despite initial laughter and skepticism at my ideas both Nepaliís and foreigners are now receptive and support me from a wide range of angles and therefore I am enjoying the greatest virtue of the human world through my work. I know that the norm at my age is to pursue money and career but only such things cannot give us satisfaction and happiness in life. I am happy, satisfied and can feel pride in who I am and what I am doing. Everyone has something to give no matter how small or important they feel it is. We should all feel the joy of giving.» Read More

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